Family Reunification Germany

Seriousness of the marriage

You must be aware that the seriousness of your marriage will be checked by the Aliens Office and the German Embassy.  This is done by a separate and simultaneous interview of both spouses.  Here you have to know that the Federal Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) means that you have the burden of proving the seriousness of marriage.  Formula of the OVG Berlin-Brandenburg (higher administrative court) is the following: The more the individual shape of a marital partnership is apart from the rule, the more additional factual explanations of the reasons for the difference are to annex to justify that the assumption of the relationship of the spouses corresponds with the content criteria, as is typical for the marital cohabitation (see Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court, judgment of 29/01/2009, OVG 2 B 11 .08 ).  Since you have to prove the seriousness of your marriage, a preparation before applying for the visa is appropriate. Family Reunification Germany
Family reunification

If you are a family member of a third country national, you can be issued with a residence title to establish or conserve the family community. This is contingent on your family member (who is joined in family reunification, also referred to as the “principal” person entitled) having a residence title, sufficient living area being available, and your livelihood being secure.

Does my family have to speak German?
As a rule, spouses have to have a basic knowledge of German to be issued with a residence permit. There are however a number of exceptions to this principle. Your spouse does not need to know any German to obtain a residence permit if
– you yourself have an EU Blue Card,
– you yourself work in Germany as a highly-qualified person, a researcher or self-employed person and were already married when you moved to Germany,
– it is obvious that there is little need for integration assistance (for instance as a rule if your partner is a graduate),
– you are a national of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zeeland or the United States of America.
You and your family will certainly find it easier to settle in in Germany if everyone speaks a little German.