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Consultation and representation in asylum and immigration law cases for Germany. Worldwide visa service for Germany. Business visa.
I work as your lawyer. I apply for your residence permit. I deal your detention law case to prevent your deportation from Germany. I will get a residence permit for you and your family. I arrange your family reunion. I apply for your German citizenship. I advise you in EU freedom of movement cases. I will get your business visa for Germany with work permit.

Immigration Lawyer Germany Berlin Business Visa

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Our law firm will advise and support you for anything regarding Visa Application, Rejection Appeals and more.
– Work Permits
– Students Visas
– Visit Visas…

For entry and residence in Germany, foreigners must have permission in the form of a residence permit. The visa, the residence permit, the EU blue card, the settlement permit and the EC long-term residence permit exist.

– Schengen-Visa
– Residence permit
– Settlement permit
– Admission to “EC long-term residence permit”
– Expiration of a residence permit
– Foreigners with a „permanent residence permit“ of another EU-country
– Liability to depart / exceptional leave to remain
– Persons without papers („Illegality“)…

For many immigrants who have lived in Germany for a long time, getting a German passport and being able to vote and participate fully in German society represents full integration. Naturalization offers a path to this goal.
Foreigners can be naturalized if they have lived in Germany with a residence permit for at least eight years. With the application to naturalization they have to own a residence permit or have the right to free movement as an EU citizen or a family member of an EU citizen.

In accordance with Article 16a of the Basic Law (GG) of the Federal Republic of Germany, politically persecuted persons can be granted asylum in Germany.
You can find out here about the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to grant protection to refugees in accordance with the Geneva Convention on Refugees.

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As your lawyer specialized in immigration law,

Surin Ersöz

Immigration Lawyer Germany Berlin Visa Asylum
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I represent you with the purpose of obtaining your visa or your spouse to spouse reunification in Germany. You can engage me for the family reunification to your spouses, or children and other family members. I fight for the reunion to same-sex partners. I represent you in visit visas and student visas. You need a blue card visa for Germany (relaxed regulation for immigration for high skilled specialists) – you need a business visa? I help you with your visa application at the German embassy. I file in cases against the German embassy to the Berlin Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court in Berlin.

Legal proceedings against the German Embassy – as represented by the Foreign Office – always lead to the Administrative Court of Berlin. So you need a lawyer in Berlin. After consultation, I can perceive files for your lawyer from another city of Germany in Berlin.

The law firm is located in Berlin Charlottenburg on the Kant-Triangle opposite the KapHag Tower with the sail on the roof “Sail-House”, diagonally across from Theater des Westens, Kantstrasse / corner of Fasanenstraße. The Kantstrasse is the street parallel to Kurfürstendamm (“Kudamm”). The office can be reached easily by tram and subway to Zoologischer Garten.

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Immigration Lawyer Germany Berlin Visa Asylum. Work Permits, Students Visas, Visit Visas, Schengen-Visa, Naturalization, DuldungApply